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צור קשר

לקביעת פגישה וייעוץ חינם התקשרו עכשיו:
נייד 050-5332163

טלפקס 08-8501963
מפעל - מושב תירוש משק מספר 6


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"גבי-סוככים" בפייסבוק:

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08.00AM - 20.00PM


08.00AM - 20.00PM


08.00AM - 20.00PM


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08.00AM - 14.00PM


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About Us

GABI-SOHAHIM company is one of the best awnings manufacturer in Israel.

Our reputation is showed all over the country at big hotels, chain stores, big companies, sport & vacation centers, coffee-shops, restaurants, private homes and many more.

Our business is running since 1990. 

Throughout past years, our business gained satisfied and happy clientele by its excellent customer care, adapted prices, great design team and final product quality.We will be happy to consult you and give you an excellent service.

To arrange a meeting and free consulting call now:

Cellphone 050-5332163

TeleFax 08-8501963

Factory - Moshav Tirosh 6

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